Rowan’s Nursery


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We started thinking about the nursery long before we found out Rowan* was a girl, and wanted to collect pieces that could be passed down no matter the gender.

The toughest part of this room was the chair. And if your number is in my phone, you know of my chair struggles since day one. This beautiful, comfortable yellow chair has been sitting in our basement since we moved into this house. I found it at an estate sale for $30 and have always wanted more for it than basement dwelling. However, if you’ve wandered our home, you know it’s anything but bold and colorful – unlike this chair. I searched for the entire pregnancy for the perfect chair – going off the only nugget of advice I got from everyone: “You’ll be living in your chair, so pick comfort over beauty.” I desperately wanted both, without spending a million dollars. In the end, this chair still spoke to me, and won it’s spot in Rowan’s room.

This room was such a question mark, until we went on our babymoon… after that, it all just fell into place and turned into one of our favorite places in the house! Every piece of art was carefully chosen, from different places we’ve been. But most details were inspired by the Scottish Highlands. The yellow chair is the exact shade of the gorse bushes that lines the hills and roads. The dark wood tones reminded us of the rich interiors used in pubs. Her room is filled with Highland Coos, our favorite one being the canvas over her crib – a photo I shot in Isle of Skye.

This all being said, she still sleeps in our room and hasn’t broken in her crib yet. But we’ve spent hours and hours in here – nursing, reading our books, telling her the stories behind each piece of art, and of course, changing millions of diapers.

*fun fact: “Rowan” means little red-head in Scotland and Ireland and is also a common tree found in these countries, usually seen covered in red berries and feather-shaped leaves.

chair: estate sale  |  crib: eddie bauer |  dresser: target  |  lamp: target  |
changing table basin: target (boot tray)  |  dresser knobs: home goods |
pillow: world market  |  stuffed bunny and cow: jelly cat  |
flower embroidery: estate sale  |  dress: etsy  |  canvas printed by: easy canvas prints